In the Eye of the Beholder: Critical Evaluation of Nutrition Research

Professional Skills
Medical Nutrition Therapy

CEU credits are no longer available for this webinar.

This webinar reviews potential influences of biases in nutrition research; discusses the importance of critically evaluating new research (i.e., whether it conforms or refutes standard clinical practice or commonly held beliefs); describes steps to minimize misinterpretation of research; and identifies strategies health professionals can use to objectively translate scientific knowledge to clinical practice.

Speaker Information
Andrew W. Brown, PhD
Nutrition Obesity Research Center - Office of Energetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Brown is a Scientist with the Office of Energetics and Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Formally trained in nutrition, biochemistry, and statistics, he brings practical, basic science experience to evaluating how nutrition research is conducted and communicated. His recent work involves investigating myths and presumptions in nutrition and obesity literature, meta-analyzing studies about nutritional influences on obesity, characterizing reporting practices that may perpetuate nutrition misinformation, and crowdsourcing the synthesis of published research. Dr. Brown has received local, regional, and national awards and spoken internationally about integrity in research reporting and science communication with respect to nutrition research.