Ketones: From Toxic to Therapeutic

Wellness and Public Health
Medical Nutrition Therapy

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Insulin resistance manifests functionally as carbohydrate intolerance and is best managed with a carbohydrate restricted diet. This presentation provides an overview ofthe process of switching from a carbohydrate- to a fat-based metabolism through dietary carbohydrate restriction. Discusses ketone metabolism and define nutritional ketosis, and keto-adaptation. Discusses how a well-formulated ketogenic affects the constellation of markers associated with insulin resistant conditions including reversal of type-2 diabetes.Reviews other clinical and performance applications of ketogenic diets.

Speaker Information
Jeff Volek, PhD, RD
Professor, Department of Human Sciences
The Ohio State University

Dr. Volek is a registered dietitian and professor in the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. For the last two decades, he has performed cutting edge research on how humans adapt to ketogenic diets with a dual focus on clinical and performance applications of nutritional ketosis. His scholarly work includes more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and five books, and he has provided more than 200 lectures at scientific and industry conferences around the world.

Dr. Volek's work has contributed to the existing science of ketones and ketogenic diets, their use as a therapeutic tool to manage insulin resistance including the ability to reverse type-2 diabetes, plus their increasing potential to augment human resiliency. His team at Ohio State University is currently focused on discovering new roles of nutritional ketosis in relation to cancer and military applications.

Dr. Volek is the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Virta Health, a specialty medical clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes safely and sustainably, without the risks, costs, or side effects of medications or surgery.

Dr. Volek has a Bachelor of Science in dietetics from Michigan State University, and a Master of Science in exercise physiology and Doctorate in kinesiology and nutrition from Pennsylvania State University.