Obesity isn’t Simple: Identifying Complex, Evidence-based Strategies to Treat Obesity Seriously

Professional Skills
Wellness and Public Health
Medical Nutrition Therapy

Approved for CPE Level 2 & 1 CPE credit hour by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, credentialing agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Activity number: 141988

This webinar identifies factors that make obesity complex, gives examples of simplistic advice and statements that demonstrate the underappreciation of obesity's complexity, and identifies evidence-based strategies for obesity and factors that make them complex.


Speaker Information
Andrew W Brown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Department of Applied Health Sciences
Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington

Andrew W Brown, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Applied Health Science at the Indiana University School of Public Health Bloomington. Formally trained in nutrition, biochemistry, and statistics, he brings practical, basic science experience to evaluating how nutrition research is conducted and communicated. His recent work involves investigating myths and presumptions in nutrition and obesity literature, meta-analyzing studies about nutritional influences on obesity, characterizing reporting practices that may perpetuate nutrition misinformation, and crowdsourcing the synthesis of published research. Dr. Brown has received local, regional, and national awards and spoken internationally about integrity in research reporting and science communication with respect to nutrition and obesity research.

Michelle Bohan Brown, Ph.D., RDN
Independent Scientific Consultant

Michelle M. Bohan Brown, PhD, RDN, is currently an Independent Scientific Consultant living in Bloomington, IN. She completed her PhD in biochemistry with a minor in statistics at Iowa State University. Her dissertation research focused on the effects of macronutrient and caloric content of the diet on circulating concentrations of ghrelin and other hormones involved in energy metabolism in multiple models including college age men and women, neonate calves, and lean and obese rats. Dr. Bohan Brown completed her postdoctoral training as postdoctoral trainee in the Nutrition and Obesity Research Ctr in the Dept of Nutrition Sciences at the Univ of Alabama at Birmingham. The focus of her research was investigating the influences of interactions between important biological (e.g., weight, sex, genetics) and nutritional factors on obesity and metabolic outcomes and has investigated the impact of the fidelity of research on advice given with regards to weight loss and obesity.